5 Essential Skills Every Internet Marketer Should Learn

5 Essential Skills Every

Internet Marketer Should Learn

by Matt Bacak


My main focus as an internet marketer is building my list. Day in and day out, I’m focusing on getting more subscribers, getting more clicks and building a list of buyers. Over many years of email marketing, I’ve learned what it takes to be successful and the good news is that the skills needed to do just that are easy to learn and easy to implement.

Essential Skill #1: Build a relationship with your subscribers. This is a vital key element to building a successful list. Many entrepreneurs think that email marketing is all about making money. And in a way, it is BUT your main goal in to serve your customers. If you are serving your customers, treating them respectfully and growing a relationship with them, the money will follow.

Essential Skill #2: Know Your Customers’ Problems. Every day, I ask Dave, who handles all my customer support, what’s going on in the customer support box? I want to know what my subscribers are saying. When they send an email, describing a issue they’re having with my products, my emails or just anything at all, I want to know so that I can one, give them the support they need and two, find a way to fix that problem for other people before they have it. Sometimes all it takes to fix an issue is to mention it in the email I’m sending out or in the sales letter of the product.

Essential Skill #3: Track your numbers. If you aren’t tracking your numbers, you’re not running a business. In my office, we have a board where we track everything from the size of our list to daily clicks, daily EPC and the amount of money we made each day. When I make a new product, I split test everything to see what will get me the best results. Everything I do, I track the numbers so I know what’s making me money, what’s losing me money and what can be done better.

Essential Skill #4: Create content that’s meant to be shared. It’s so incredibly easy to share content these days. People are on multiple social media sites, have their cell phones on them at all times, play on their tablets at the end of the day, surf the web during their lunch break, etc. So when creating your content, whether it’s an email or a blog post, ask yourself if it’s worth sharing. Is it relevant? It is easy to consume? It is easy to share? Is it interesting? Take into consideration what people share, where they share it and to whom.

Essential Skill #5: Play to your strengths. When I first started out in internet marketing, I had a newsletter where I had conversations with millionaires. I didn’t claim to be a millionaire, because I wasn’t. I sat down and had conversations with millionaires in the business that I aspired to be like. Now, after several years of experience, some people consider me to be a guru. That’s cool with me but the important thing is, I haven’t changed who I am. Yes, I have a lot of experience but I’m still Matt. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. When I get on stage at an event and speak about my business, I get up there in my shorts and a t-shirt. Most of the time, a cuss word will slip out here and there. And people love it because I’m not afraid to be who I am, just a regular guy who knows how to make money online.
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