Does fame equal fortune…

We will talk more about this is a sec, but first…

I’m sitting at the airport waiting to take off
to L.A. because we are delayed. Now I’m wishing
I just flew myself. By the time we land, I could
have been there in my personal plane.

Anyway, enough gripping.

I heard a kid next to me say, I want
to be famous. Then I thought…

Many people believe that being famous means
that you are going to make a lot of money.

Why do I say that.

Because so many people I run into let their
ego get to them and take over – They want to
be famous.

Here is a real reality check:

FAME Does Not Equal Fortune

Sorry, but the truth hurts.

Focus on profitability, making
money and the fame will follow.

Talk to you later.

:-) Matt

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