Learn the Power of Posting Articles Online

Marketing experts have said for years how powerful a form of marketing writing articles and books can be for one’s business. We consider the impact that posting articles online can have on your business.

Don’t Keep It to Yourself
Writing the article is one thing. What to do with it after you’re done is another! You can distribute paper copies of your articles to people you come into contact with, publish your articles in a hardcopy newsletter, or if you’re lucky, get your article published in a periodical. With the advent of the Internet, many entrepreneurs have discovered the many reasons they find success by posting their content online.

Reasons Why Using the Internet to Post your Articles is so Powerful
You know writing articles and books can be a valuable guerilla marketing tool. Here, we’ll look at the reasons that posting them online can help your business:
Make it work for you 24/7. Just one of the lessons that really wealthy people know about is to let their money work for them even while they sleep. They invest their money into different programs so that they’re building interest even when they’re having sweet dreams. That’s the power of writing articles for the Internet – they work overtime while you sleep. That’s why so many “brick and mortar” stores have web presences – to let their web stores work for them 24/7. Somewhere out there, somebody will find your article and read it while you’re sleeping!

Improve your Search Engine Rankings. Besides working for you while you sleep, articles posted on your site will also help with your site’s Search Engine rankings. The more relevant content you have on your site, the better your rankings will be. If you like doing keyword research, you could use your list of keywords to come up with a set of topics to write about for your site.
Attract Site Visitors. Content is King (or Queen, depending on your gender preferences). The more relevant content on your site, the more likely you’re going to get new site visitors. Even if you can’t break into that top SE ranking, if somebody out there is interested in whatever you just wrote about, chances are they’re going to find you. Write it and they will come!

Building Links the Natural Way. If you post your articles to forums or other sites but include a link to your own website, you’re naturally building links that the Search Engines will pick up on. Links within newsletters to specific articles on your site is another way to draw interested people to your web site.

You Don’t Have to Wait. Instead of waiting for a magazine or an online site to decide your writing is good enough to publish, you can self publish your content on either your own site or a site that publishes articles for people who have something they want to say.
Now that you see how powerful a venue the Internet is for your articles, don’t wait.

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