“The Third Secret of Highly Successful Celebrities”

Why are some people so widely honored and acclaimed in their business area or vocation? Why do some carpenters have successful television shows while others run a struggling carpentry business? What separates successful people from super successful people? This is a good question. We can focus on the exact choices they made, but let’s instead […]

“The Second Secret of Highly Successful Celebrities”

Celebrities. They command millions of dollars by starring in blockbuster movies and winning sports championships. In the business realm, people like Donald Trump have become millionaires more than once. They have buildings that are named after them. They have television reality shows with aspiring hopefuls who want to work for them and follow in their […]

“The First Secret of Highly Successful Celebrities”

Cameron Diaz. Michael Jordan. Brad Pitt. What do these people have in common? They are celebrities at the top of their game. They have set themselves apart from the general public by being great at what they do. How did they achieve this status? What qualities do they possess that let them rise above the […]