“The Second Secret of Highly Successful Celebrities”

Celebrities. They command millions of dollars by starring in blockbuster movies and winning sports championships. In the business realm, people like Donald Trump have become millionaires more than once. They have buildings that are named after them. They have television reality shows with aspiring hopefuls who want to work for them and follow in their footsteps.

What is it about these celebrities and highly successful business people that sky rocketed their success? Why did they succeed over the other graduates in their business school class or the other actors vying for the same movie roles? The answer to this question is extremely important if you want to maximize your own success. You need to learn from what the masters have done that works. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but follow their example instead.

Their success depended not only on the choices they made, but the attitude they had when they made those choices. First of all, they had a deep obsession with their craft and would stop at nothing to succeed. This obsession was so strong that they were almost maniacal about it. They did not settle for achieving anything less than their primary objective. This obsession is more than mere ambition. It is fully exercising their ambition so that do everything they can to keep moving up to the top of their field.

If obsession is the first quality of highly successful people, what is the second quality?

Quality #2: Optimism. People that are highly successful have an unusual relationship with optimism. What they believed at their core was that if you worked really hard for a long time that tomorrow could be better than today. They had an opposite view of the victim mentality.

Colin Powel once said “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” This means that if you took 10 men and saturated them with optimism they would fight with the force of 50. If you saturate them with negativity then they only have the force of 2 soldiers. This demonstrates the immense power of optimism.

Celebrities are optimistic. They face ups and downs of their careers, but remain optimistic that they will remain or rise to the top once again. Think about Donald Trump. He has been bankrupt a few times, but always became a millionaire again because he had the optimism and obsession to keep him working hard towards his goal.

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