“Which phase are you in?”

What are the four phases of a typical professional career? Read on to find out. You will recognize these phases as you go through all of them.

Phase 1: You have a job in a corporation or something similar. You trade time for money. You most likely hate your job.

Phase 2: You learn about Internet business opportunities on the side. You invest in education through attending seminars and buying information products. You are scared about investing too much money in this education. You skimp and save on your education which slows down your future success.

Then one day it dawns on you that you have to invest more in education because in the long term you will earn much more than your initial investment. So you go to the seminars. You also start earning money on the Internet.

As you are learning the skills and concepts that you take you to the next level on the Internet, people will look at you as a pioneer. You have to go with the idea that you want to grow your Internet business.

Phase 3: You teach people how you made money on the Internet in phase 2. You can enjoy a sharp jump income when you teach other people. For example, you can run your own seminars and engage in public speaking.

It doesn’t matter what type of Internet business you participate in. You have to follow the same business principles. The first principle is to over deliver. Over delivering will grow your seminars by leaps and bounds because people will be thrilled with the education they learned. They learned much more than they expected.

The second business principle is to invest your money in something that goes up in value. Don’t just spend your money. Instead invest it in business education and products that will increase your overall value. Sometimes the value won’t increase until far in the future, but the investment is worth it if it increases your value at all.

Phase 4: You show people how you accomplished and went through the first three phases of your life. You go into depth to show everyone how they can model and duplicate your results for themselves. You sell high ticket items from the public speaking platform. There is a huge audience of people that want to learn what you do and how you got to your current success.

Which phase are you in?

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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