"Website Video Secrets" Revealed Tomorrow…

Hi Friend,

Sorry for the late notice, but I thought this is something you’ve got to check out…

This Wednesday April 12th, I’m going to interview theWeb’s top two experts on using Website Video to make money, both with your own products AND as an affiliate.


Over the last 3 years these two men have absolutely pioneered the use of online video , including the use of online infomercials, video blogging, selling “how to” video information online.
I can tell you, they have both been my personal mentors when it comes to online video and using video to sell.

Who am I talking about?
Well of course it’s my good friends Jim Edwards and MikeStewart, who I consider to be the leading experts in the world when it comes to online video!

And this Wednesday night I’m going to *grill* them for their”Website Video Secrets!”. Make no mistake, this isn’t going to be a “powder puff” interview. I’m inviting these two into my “Hot Seat” to spill the beans on what it takes to become anonline video expert!


On this call I’m going to make Jim & Mike reveal:
~ WHY online video is so HOT right now… they’ll reveal the 6 REASONS why video has already EXPLODED online and why YOU need to act on this trend…
~ The 3 main types of online video… and how confusing them — or using them the wrong way — will destroy your business before it even gets started…
~ 4 video “Case-Studies!” Real-life examples you can use to claim your own website video profits (including how one very “unprofessional” video generated over $10,497.00 in sales in 72 hours!)…
~ The TRUTH about website “infomercials” – How important are they? Do they work? Do you need to use them in your business?
(Plus I’ll make them GIVE you one of their BEST and EASIEST proven templates step-by-step, LIVE call!)
~ What you REALLY need to get started with Website Video as far as software, hardware, hosting — they’ll lay it all out for you…

I’ll make sure they hold nothing back!
~ FREE BONUS Software! Get a free copy of “Jim & Mike’s Video Uploader Software”… they’ve put together a “killer app” that helps you upload your videos to various video sites and keep track of where and when you uploaded them (these sites can help you get a TON of FREE traffic).

WARNING: You MUST be on the call to get the software.
You can sign up for the free “Website Video Secrets” call now: http://www.powerfulpromoter.com/hourofpower.htm

But don’t wait!
There are only a limit number of seatsavailable and since Jim, Mike and I take 3 spots, there are even fewer remaining.

Matt Bacak..

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Matt Bacak, The Powerful Promoter

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