Web-Building for Beginners

Should beginners/newbies start off with a blog, a website, or both or neither?

Now this is a great question and my personal thoughts regarding this is that newbies should work on creating a squeeze page. The biggest thing that you want to focus on, if you’re new to marketing online is to focus on building your list and building your product. This is absolutely imperative because that’s how you’re going to be making the most money simply because you can sell to these people again and again. Remember, you’ll own the list because your opt-in will allow you to capture the names and email addresses of these prospects. So, I would highly urge you to do exactly that! Focus on building your list of people that are hot and hungry for that product or service you have to offer them.

Another thing I’d highly recommend is that you start looking for joint venture partnerships. Look for people that you can market your business, products and services to and build a relationship with them. Especially if you’re a newbie, start building relationships now, because when you’re ready to launch a product, then you have those people in the bag in order to make that happen.

Do I think beginners should have a blog?

Sure, but only if they can focus all their time and energy on it and systematize it so that they are posting on a regular basis. For example, if you write articles and submit your articles to the various sites out there and then take those articles and you put them on your blog, this makes a lot of sense. Basically, if you are writing articles to submit anyways, you may as well put them up on a blog. However, if you’re considering sitting down and writing specific, special content, specific for your blog, then I wouldn’t recommend it. Why? It’s going to de-focus you at the beginning.

Should a newbie start with articles even before they have a product or a website?

Yes, absolutely. I would recommend writing your articles and using them to drive people back to your squeeze page or a page where you’re capturing people’s information. This will enable you to send them information they are interested in as well as market your product to them. Here are three things you want to focus on, your list, your high ticket product and lastly maybe your continuity, too.
Now, if you ever asked me what would be the quickest way for you to make money, I would tell you by having a high ticket product. It takes the same amount of effort as selling a lower ticket product, but you can afford to sell fewer to make the same money.

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