“Want to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website?”

If you want to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website then you need to have fresh content. You can create a stream of fresh content by writing articles. The key is to submit articles with your domain name and bio line to different article directories.

The problem is that too many people find websites where they can buy private label articles. The problem with these articles is that hundreds of other people will be using the same articles. This means there will be duplicate content all over the Internet. Plus, the person who submits these articles to the Internet first is the winner. Everybody else will lose because they are submitting duplicate content.

You should submit articles constantly. Search engines are all about new, fresh, and original content. You can send visitors to your website through your article submissions. When you write original articles and submit these articles to directories then Google will take notice. New content for search engines is like food. Google is always searching for new content to index in their search engine.

The key is to write articles chock full of exceptional information. You should want the article readers to love your article so much that they put in on their website and/or Blog. You will earn traffic from these posts because your bio will be included in the article. The rule is that if people use your article then they have to include your bio as well.

If people don’t put your bio with the article or claim the content as their own then you can go after them. You can have their website taken down if they do this to you.

There are two ways to get articles.
1: You can take time to write articles yourself, but this often takes too much time.
2: The smarter way is to outsource this task to freelancers. You can find several places that have freelancers who will write articles for you. You can pay $5-12 per article. The articles should be 300-700 words each.

Get started on writing your articles today.

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Matt Bacak

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