“How to write effective articles”

Do you need to find freelancers to write articles for you? Then keep reading.

Places where you can find freelancers to write articles for you include:
Article Creation Place 1. http://www.topicauthors.com
Article Creation Place 2. http://www.articlemojo.com
Article Creation Place 3. http://www.therealarticlefactory.com
Article Creation Place 4. http://www.thephantomwriters.com
Article Creation Place 5. http://www.elance.com
Article Creation Place 6. http://www.guru.com

At these websites you may find people that are excellent writers and other people that have no writing skills at all. The key is to keep using these websites until you find writers that work well for you. Once you find the people you like then keep them happy. If they generate money for you then you want to keep them on your team. You need a team because you can’t, and shouldn’t, do every task yourself.

The more articles you have out in cyberspace, the more websites you will have that point back to your website. Articles are an excellent viral marketing technique.
Once you have found somebody to write your articles then you need to do the following with your articles…

The articles should be keyword rich. Some keywords are very competitive. In article marketing you don’t want to go after the very competitive keywords. Why? Less competitive keywords will enable you to get your articles in the search engines quicker and easier. You can let everybody else fight for the popular keywords while you sneak in through the use of less popular keywords.

You will get better targeted traffic through less popular keywords. You will also have a higher rank in the search engines through these less popular keywords.

You should also figure out what people search for on the Internet each day. You can find out what keywords they search for at http://www.wordtracker.com . Word Tracker has a free keyword tool and a tool that you can pay for. You can find out how many people search on specific keywords each day.

Tip: You can also type in “Free Word Tracker Keyword Tool” into each search engines.
You don’t want to go for the top tier keywords. Go for the second tier or bottom tier.

Also make sure that your article doesn’t have more than two or three keywords in them. If you have more than three keywords, Google may view your article as being keyword stuffed. Google doesn’t like keyword stuffed articles because a lot of times these kinds of articles don’t make any sense and are only used to fool the search engines.

Put your keywords in the article early and often. Also in your bio make some of the keywords your anchor text of your URL. Google spotter will read that. Google spotter scans all the websites on the Internet to look for keywords.

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