“Tips for an Amazon.com Bestseller Campaign”

Selling your book through Amazon.com is a great way to not only earn money, but to increase your visibility and credibility in the business world. For example, if your book achieves Amazon.com bestseller status then your sales could increase exponentially. Otherwise, your book listing may fall into the deep sea of books on Amazon. Therefore, earning best seller status is the top goal of many Internet businesses.

Following is a list of common questions regarding an Amazon.com bestseller campaign:

Question #1: Here’s my situation. I am working on an Amazon.com bestseller campaign. I have sent press releases. So far I have a list of 100,000 people that are being sent emails regarding the book and its release. I’ve heard that you are supposed to have 500,000 people on your email list in order to crack the top ten in Amazon. Is this true?

Answer: Not necessarily. The list of 500,000 names makes it more likely for you to hit the bestseller list, but if you have a quality list than you can still crack the top ten on Amazon. You may have a smaller list, but if you have a high percentage of buyers than your list could be more powerful than a larger list with a lower percentage of buyers.

Question #2: I’ve heard about using joint ventures to spread the word about my book’s release on Amazon.com. However, I’m having trouble creating joint ventures because it is difficult to get people to commit to a venture with me since they don’t know me personally. Are there other options besides joint ventures?

Answer #2: Let’s first check out how you are going about obtaining joint ventures. The biggest problem with finding joint ventures for an Amazon.com bestseller campaign is that you don’t offer a value per value exchange. You can’t just ask people to promote you and your book to their list in exchange for nothing that benefits them.

You have to think how you can make the exchange valuable for the other person. Give them incentives that will make them more likely to send an email about your book to their list. Make sure to put a dollar amount value on the items that you offer the joint venture partner for free. Offer them bonuses that they can also offer in the email they send out to their list.

Also make sure to figure out how your vision helps push them towards their own vision. For example, some people want leads. Some people just want help. Find out what they want and need and offer it to them so they view promoting your book as a valuable exchange.

Tip: Find a book similar to yours on Amazon that has accomplished a best seller campaign. Find out what they did in their campaign. Find out what bonuses they offered. Find out who helped them and contact these people.

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