Time-sensitive email marketing tip…

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak

Hi Friend,

This is a time-sensitive email marketing tip.

(You’ll see why in a sec)

When your sending out emails, make

sure that you send it to the right

target market first. But while your

writing it make sure that you add

in some benefits.

I goof up, I test and find out what works.

First, think about the email subject

line then write your email from there.

FYI: Your subject line gets people to

open up your email and read it.

Alway’s always, make sure that you

have a call to action to get people

to respond to your email or offer.

It’s really a short sales letter.

Here a bonus idea to think about,

the subject line is very important

if no one opens it up, no one will

read it. It’s like a headline of

the newspaper.

Here is a example email that I just

sent out to my other list.

You are invited if you want to get

on, but I must let you know that it’s

filling up real fast. Read quickly.


Matt Bacak

P.S. Here is the example:

Subject: Friend, Turn $1000 into $37,500 in one day…

Hi Friend,

Turn $1000 into $37,500 in one day…

That’s what you would have done today

if you could have talked to Chris Verhaegh


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Oh, you should see this email that Chris

and I have been sending back and forth,

he’s the guy that I’m interviewing on my

telecall this Thursday night.

>From Chris:

“$1000 becoming $37,500 in one day is a very real possibility.

It would be hard to get the following possibility: Actual low yesterday

was .15 high today was $8.00. If you could have bought at low of yesterday

and sold at high of today, $990 would have become $52,800… Just because

you can’t always get the low and the high.

Not a bad day.


His emails ends here…

That’s the kind of powerful information

that Chris teaches on the call. Just Imagine

what Christmas would be for you.

What If you had a stock that

went up 4,000% just like that.

Don’t imagine it, just jump on

the telecall because there is still

a few lines left for this call.

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See you on the call,

Matt Bacak

P.S. This call is filling up fast. Go here

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