“This way of talking can be the difference between success and failure.”

If you think about it, your thoughts turn into your language. Your language turns into action, and your action turns into results. You may have heard that before and most people say, “Oh yeah, I might know that.” But, here’s the deal: there are two different types of language people use. I want you to be aware of this and aware of how you use language.

Some people have Indecisive language…. They are saying things to themselves right now like, “Well, I already know this stuff.” Well, maybe you have heard something like this before, but it is very important that you understand it. So here is the kind of words or phrases that indecisive people say: “I’ll try to do it.” “I may do it.” “I might get around to it.” Here in the South, we might say, “I’m fixin’ to.”

That’s indecisive language, and that’s going to stop people from getting into Action to get the Results they want. What you want to have is Decisive language. You want to be thinking and saying, “I will do this. I must do this.” You will often hear me say, “I will make that happen.” This is an example of me using decisive language. You want to have those types of words coming out of your mouth. Not only coming out of your mouth, but also coming out of your head.
You have to have this mindset to succeed.
Start monitoring the way you think. Are you thinking positive and decisive thoughts? Turn these positive and decisive thoughts into positive and decisive language. Use the positive decisive language to take positive and decisive actions. From these positive and decisive actions you will gain positive results. And, by results, I mean MONEY!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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