“The Old Lady vs. the Young Kid”

Converting targeted traffic to cash can be boiled down to 4 lessons. Let me tell you a story that demonstrates these lessons.

At the park an old lady went up to the pigeons and wanted to get them to feed from her hand. Initially, the pigeons flew away. As she gently showed the seeds and the pigeons would come towards her. When she turned down to get more seeds, the pigeons would fly away. Until one pigeon put his beak on her hand when she was grabbing seeds. All the other pigeons saw this and flocked to her. The miracle was the next day when she came back she didn’t have to go through that dance again. She simply had to show the bird seed and pigeons flocked to her and ate to their hearts content.

Then a kid tried to feed the pigeons from his hand, but he jumped at the pigeons and they flew away. When the pigeons came at him, he ran at them and threw the bird seed at them. He was unsuccessful in getting the pigeons to feed from his hand.

What does this story have to do with traffic conversion? Everything!
Lesson #1: Attract your prospects, don’t chase them. The old lady learned how to attract the pigeons. It is not the intention that counts, but the response you elicit.

Lesson #2: 3 reasons why people buy from you – they know you, like you, and trust you. The woman got the pigeons to know her, like her and trust her. The little boy didn’t establish these 3 things.

Lesson #3: 3 reasons why people won’t buy from you – they don’t believe you, they don’t understand you, and/or it’s not the right time. Timing is everything. 83% of the buying decision is in your control. The only part that is not in your control is bad timing.

Lesson #4: You will convert more first time visitors through the process of seduction. The woman in the story pulled the pigeons in by offering the seeds in her hand. Note that this is not the same as salesmanship.

So act like the old lady when it comes to your traffic and you will earn more profit. If you act like the kid then you will miss out on piles of cash.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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