Teleseminars – What to Do First

A great way to keep your website visitors loyal is to offer them good information. Having expert interviews from those who are known in a niche is a great way to keep people coming back to your website. You could offer written interviews for your visitors to read on your website, but the best way is by offering teleseminars. What is a teleseminar? It’s a phone interview or seminar. Your visitors call a special number with a special call-in code assigned to that number and they get to listen to people talk about a particular topic.

Teleseminars are amazing tools to use in your business as it keeps your visitors engaged, allows you to look like the go-to person in your niche because you’re offering great information; but it can also make you a nice income if you choose to sell your teleseminar as an audio file or by having your visitors pay to hear the call simply because the information is not readily accessible elsewhere.

So, how do you go about holding your own teleseminar? Well, it’s a fairly simple task.

After you have someone lined up for your teleseminar, the first thing you want to do when setting it up is arrange to have as many lines as you think you will need on the call.

If you’re going to have less than 100 people on the call, you can use If it’s over 100 people, I’ll typically use Eagle Teleconferencing. Also, I know some people who recommend Instant Teleseminar which is a phone plus web simulcast. However, I’m not too keen on web simulcasts also known as webinars. I prefer to strictly use a phone conferencing company only. The reason for this is basically, if you’ve got a lot of people on the call, especially when you’re trying to sell something, you don’t want to have people fiddling around with their computers trying to get them to work. You want to make it as easy for them as possible to access the call. Not everyone is good with computers which means there’s too many points of failure. This is one of my concerns with webinars.

The way I see it is you don’t want to use anything where there’s too many points of failure because this can affect your bottom line. The only thing that can possibly go wrong with a teleconference is if the phones or the lines don’t work on either end (this is why you’ve got to make sure you reserve enough lines).

In the end if you are running a website you should definitely consider how you can add teleseminars to monetize your site more. Teleseminars can make you a lot more money and keep your existing visitors as well as your new visitors coming back for more.

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