Power Hour Call…(Recording inside)

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak


What an amazing response to last night’s call!

(I’ll give you the link for

the recording in a sec…)

This is what people are saying about the call:

“the call was great. I have never been more excited

about using the internet for niche marketing”

“Thank you for the email about the free Audio.

It was really great you put this teleclass on.”

“You just blow me away with the value of your information

every time I hear you. Tonight’s session was A++.”

The list goes on and on…

Go here right now to download or

listen to the recording of the call:


Last night we launched our Fr-ee CD,

over 100 people have gotten it so far,

you too can get it by going here:



Matt Bacak and Mike Stewart

P.S. Make sure you get the recording,

we put it up so you can listen to last

night’s call. Between now and then

go here to get the Fr-ee CD along

with $692 worth of bonuses.

Go here: www.instantexpertsystem.com

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