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The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak

FYI: This is a email I just sent

to my family and friends.


Subject: Matt Bacak Family News…

Hey Friend,

It’s been a while since I sent out

our family news.

I plan to do this every Sunday,

but with being out of town a lot

it gets hard.

Especially since I have dedicated

my Sundays to going to church and

hanging out with my family.

For instance today, after church we

decided to head to the mountains

to Dahlonega, the site of the first

Gold Rush in the U.S. and have

alligator bites. (Yum)

Boy, things have been busy here

at the Bacak household, especially

since the new office has opened.

Training staff, seminars and

re-arranging the office.

Then with Taylor’s piano, she gets

to practice on Grandma Grimm’s old

organ. (Ya, it still works!)

Oh, I might not told you yet but…

Ever since I was 12, I loved the

stock market.

I remember when Grandpa gave me my

first Wall Street Journal that year.

Now, I have been approached by a

guy that Traded 1 billion dollars

last year to promote him.

So I’m doing a special call with

him this Thursday night. You might

want to get on.

This guy is friends with everyone

you watch on CNBC.

I’m so excited about this and the

Grand Opening of the Internet

Marketing Academy. Last week, we

had our first inner circle meeting

at the Academy.

My Tax attorney friend, Drew Miles

came. We had a blast. I showed him

some new strategies I’ve been using

to build my email lists.

We ended up working so well together

we spent our extra time putting an

e-book together to teach people how

to slash their taxes up to 50-70%.

(That’s his specialty)

So I had an awesome weekend. Drew is

a great friend and working with him is

playing. Then I followed that up with

a perfect and relaxing Sunday.


P.s. Check out my new blog at:

P.P.S. From Stephanie:

Matt asked me to read over the email,

he is now busy in the floor with Taylor.

She asked about his old boombox and now

he is showing her his old break-dancing

moves. LOL – wish you could see this…

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