Make a donation – Details inside…

Every once in a while there is some crazy stunt
that is being pulled to get your attention…

But, this one is the real deal.

I’m speaking live in London right now at the
World Internet Summit.  One of my friends and
fellow speakers Debra Thompson Roedl is also
speaking there and conducting an Internet Challenge.

What does that mean… Debra was challenged to show
this audience in London how to make money online. 

The money that is raised from Challenge is going to..

“The Make-A-Wish Foundation”

Debra has put together a 3-hour Video on
“The Secret Recipe To Making Money Online”…

You get this Video PLUS access to attend
a Live SECRET MASTERMIND Webinar with Me and
11 other top world-class marketers sharing
their secret recipes for online marketing.

Your going to get MY #1 Secret To Making Money,
along with Secrets from Brett McFall, Tom Hua, Patrick
Spielmann, Armand Morin, Jenni Snook, Ewen Chia, Mark
Garbelotto,  Mike Stewart, Carol Akright, Dr, Mike
Woo Ming, David Johnson, and Alan Forrest Smith.

Wouldn’t you like to go behind the scenes
with us to find out exactly what it is we do
to make a ton of money online?

So what’s crazy about this?…

All you have to do is make a $10 Donation!

That’s It! And you get the whole enchilada!

Its true and it is the real deal… We are
ALL coming together to teach you AND raise
money for the Make-A-Wish foundation…

Here’s the kicker!  You have to
act fast…, you only have 24 hours to
take advantage of this great deal.

So go make your donation and yes
you can donate more… and you get the
rest of the details from there:

Warmest Regards,

Matt BacakFrontier Marketing Intl, LLC

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