The Importance of Text Links

When we view various websites we see often see various links throughout the pages like product links, home page links and keyword links. But the question is: does the type of link you have to your web pages place any relevance on your page rank? Well, the answer is unequivocally yes! Text links can drive your site to the top of the search engines if you are aware what keyword text should be placed within your links.

When submitting articles, press releases, site signatures etc., it’s best to not only place your actual website address domain in your hyperlink for example However, it’s best to place one of your sites keywords as a text link that leads to your website. For example for my website, instead of me linking to my site by exactly stating my domain as and pointing to my website, it’s best if I use keywords from my niche to help me rank higher in the search engines. For example, take the word “internet marketing strategies”. Basically, if I use these keywords to hyperlink to my site, I’m getting a vote from the search engines for the word “internet marketing strategies”. This vote will help my page rank placement. The more votes I get the better my ranking. By turning “internet marketing strategies” into a hyperlink to my webpage instead of just putting my URL, I’ll be increasing my page rank exponentially. The search engines are seeing the value in my site simply because I used a strong keyword from my niche.

Now you must remember that this is not only done for one search engine and not another. All of the key players use this ranking system for website placement. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are using MSN, Yahoo or Google – even smaller search engines like Excite, MIVA and others use this strategy in their “voting” system.

So, if you are submitting articles and press releases or even marketing materials that you are giving to your affiliates to help promote your products always pay attention to your linking strategies. Use this text link strategy to help increase your own page rank. Use this strategy in all of your promotional efforts and it will feed the search engines and in turn improve your search placement.

Being up to date and aware of what the search engines look for in a good website is essential to growing your business. Doing simple improvements to your website through keyword text linking can mean the difference between a top ranked site and one that doesn’t get noticed at all.
Take the time to be informed and do your due diligence and it will pay off in the end. Your business is worth it!

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Matt Bacak

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