“How to put your website in the top of Google in 30 days or less”

Google is the top search engine on the World Wide Web today. People swarm to the Internet to find information. They could be looking for information, services, and products that your Internet business provides. Is your Internet website visible in the top listings in the search engine results? If not then you need to shoot your website to the top. Otherwise, Internet searchers/potential customers may never find you or your business.

So how can you jump to the top of Google quickly and easily? Harness the power of press releases. Writing press releases applies to any type of business that you do on the Internet. It is a method that both novice and experienced Internet business owners can use to their benefit.

What is a press release? The old definition of a press release is “It is communication directed at the news media that has newsworthy value. The aim is to attract media attention.”

However, on the Internet a press release is a “ticket” to put you at the top of Google. Anybody can write a press release.

What can a press release service do for you? “Email wire” is a great press release service to use. It goes to 70,000 journalists and 22,000 news rooms. Plus, it goes to over 100,000 Internet websites. Your press release will pop up on several major news sites.

Press releases build awareness for your online marketing. It builds awareness of your products, services, and anything you want. Whatever you see or hear each day can be turned into a press release. Press releases are a great way to stand out and differentiate you and your business.

Search engine crawlers read your press release. They consider each word of your press release as a keyword. So put as many keywords in your press release as you can.

Tip: It is critical to note that you use press releases differently than you did in the past.

Press releases also give you instant credibility. For example, CNN Money and Bloomberg news may contact you based on your press release. They will view you as an expert in your field. You no longer have to wait for the media to contact you and establish your credibility. By being proactive and sending out your own press release you create your own credibility immediately.

Press releases bring traffic to your website. Traffic brings in sales which bring in money. Start writing a press release right now! Send them out on a consistent basis and revel in the increased sales.

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