“Classified Internet Ads – A Best Kept Secret”

Sending out press releases on the Internet is an extremely powerful tool in more ways than one. Press releases will increase the rank of your website in Google. This is due to the fact that press releases provide new content and each word is viewed as a keyword.

The basic components of a press release are as follows:
I. Headline – 80 characters with the first word capitalized. Need to be attention grabbing with keywords.

II. Sub headline – Tells you what is in the article. It is a summary of what you are reading about.

III. Date line – The date you send the press release.

IV. Lead paragraph – provides the “hook”. The hook is an attention grabbing statement that prompts you to keep reading.

V. Body – Who, What, Where, Why, and When.

VI. Company boiler plate. Give your company information, product/services information, etc.

VII. Contact information – Name, phone number, email address, and website address.

While press releases are a great tool they are not the only weapon available. You can also put classified ads on the Internet. Classified ads are underutilized and very effective thus making them the best kept secret on Internet marketing.

What are benefits of classified ads on the Internet?
Classified Ads Benefit 1.) Classified ads on the Internet are generally longer than the print media.

Classified Ads Benefit 2.) Classifieds are more readily searchable.

Classified Ads Benefit 3.) Classifieds are a powerful way to skyrocket to the top of the Google search engine listings.

Classified Ads Benefit 4.) Give you instant exposure.

Classified Ads Benefit 5.) Are completely free.

Classified Ads Benefit 6.) Major search engine crawlers read classified ads as new content.

Classified Ads Benefit 7.) Some classified services allow you to create a profile and website. This is a great option.

Classified Ads Benefit 8.) There are free classified ad services such as www.hoobly.com. You just have to refresh the ad every couple months. Refreshing a classified ad is a simple process.

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