How to Promote Affiliate Products

If you would like to make some extra money and know a thing or two about marketing online you can make some good residual income with just a bit of effort. But most people think that you have to have your own product to make money online. However, that can’t be further from the truth. The reality is that you can make money with other people’s products. These products are affiliate products and you can make a nice living online if you can sell these products.

Basically, one of the first things you need to do to really establish a business online is not just selling to random individuals. But you need to capture those individual’s names who are interested in your products. The only way to do this is through an opt-in autoresponder sequence so that you own your list and can re-sell to them again and again.

So, how is this done, you ask?

Well, what you do is you send out good, solid information that your readers are looking for. This is information that is not readily available elsewhere. So, with this great information you want to also ensure that the time and effort you put into gathering and sharing this information is rewarded. A great way to make sure you are rewarded is by promoting an affiliate product and hopefully making multiple sales. However the best way to do this is through an opt-in or name squeeze page and writing a selection of seven messages. Basically, in each email message to your potential customer you offer them excellent information in seven email messages.

On the third and seventh email you should be promoting a product that your customer would definitely be interested in. By doing this your chances of making a sale are far greater because this list you’ve acquired is already pre-sold because they opted in to your sequence and are interested in your particular niche. They are definitely interested in the subject or niche you are a part of but they just haven’t found any good information elsewhere. That is why they are turning to you. They have a need and they want you to fulfill that need through what it is you are offering them. And hopefully your affiliate product should fulfill that need in helping your reader. But, making sales will also help you, not only by helping others, but by helping you monetarily. You should be able to make a nice income from it as well.

So, if you haven’t joined an affiliate program in your niche do so now. It’s amazing how many good products are available that offer excellent commissions for just a bit of effort.

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