“How to make money with a video Blog”

How can you use video in Blogging? Blogging is a huge factor of business success on the Internet. You can use WordPress and Blogger.com. If you don’t like to sit and type then putting videos on your Blog may be your best bet. You can have mini television shows on your Blog. You can get subscribers to come to your Blog periodically to watch your Blog shows. These Blog shows can make you money.

We don’t watch television for commercials. We watch television for information, education, or both. However, the commercials pay the bills for television. The same theory applies to video Blogging. You can attract people to your Blog through your Blog videos. You can advertise your products and services throughout the Blog. For example, you can run commercials in your Blog because people are already used to this in television. This will make you money.

Tip: Humor is a great advertising tool. Use the tried and true principles from television in your videos. Utilize this visual and audio medium that people already like and are comfortable with.

If you embed an audio or video file in your Blog then you are audio podcasting and video podcasting. This strategy is growing like weeds in the Internet marketplace. You can build a subscriber base easily using these strategies. Plus, all of this content can be downloaded to pdas, iPods, and cell phones. Anybody can create an audio podcast and/or a video podcast with inexpensive, easy to use equipment.

Tip: You have to have compelling content in your audio podcasting and video podcasting. People like to be entertained so provide them with compelling content that exceeds their expectations.

Another option is to set up a website that is a continuously running video. You can rotate products. For each product you will have a new “buy” button. It is like having a home shopping network on your own website. This will work in all kinds of niches. You can drive traffic to the website and allow people to check out the videos. It is far cheaper than selling items on the real home shopping network.

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