How to handle membership cancellations

If you have a membership site, you know that there are some instances where you will have individuals cancel for one reason or another. Cancellations are something that we all experience from time to time, but when you are first starting out with a membership site you may not understand how to automate the process to avoid having to deal with each request over the phone.

What you might want to do, to automate the whole thing, is have them call into a voice mail service. Have that voice mail company (there’s a lot of voice mail companies out there) gather all of your customers information, maybe their first name, their last name, their address, phone number and email, so you can go and verify. That’s all you’d really need from them.

You may want to also say something like, “If you wouldn’t mind, may I ask what the reason for this cancellation is?” And then from there, see if that voice mail company will take it, transcribe it, and then email it over to you so you can get them in your email to process it. I think that would be the best way to handle this.
One thing that we have found that works well is forced continuity. This is when you force them on and then force them off as quickly as possible. Initially, I was scared to force them off, but I’ve found that people aren’t as angry and the other great thing is it hasn’t changed the cancellation rate. So that’s something else for you to think about.

Cancellations are going to happen regardless of what you do or don’t do. I mean, I think I had over 5,000 people sign up this month alone and I I think we’ve had 22 cancellations or something like that. You know, it’s the life of memberships. You can’t get hung up on cancellations and asking yourself what you did wrong. Sometimes if you have a few cancellations, it may be that whatever it is you are offering is not the right fit for that individual. But of course if you have a lot of cancellations you will definitely have to question what it is you are doing that can be changed in some way.

In my case when I have a cancellation, I’ll just go out and get more subscribers to replace those who’ve cancelled their membership. It doesn’t bother me a bit. I personally have a full-time person dedicated to managing my membership site and automate things somewhat so that it frees up my time. If you have money to invest in an assistant I would highly recommend it.

However, you can also choose a software program that automatically takes care of cancelling those subscribers for you. and are two very reputable autoresponder programs that have the ability to automate cancellations and everything else for you. It is essential to invest in a system to free up your time and make your business run smoother. Leverage your time and see the money come rolling in!

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