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Have you seen the Outsourcing stuff that Jeff Mills,
the “Minister of Marketing,” has been doing?

Jeff runs some very successful internet marketing companies
and teaches people how he was able to sell over $2 million
online, over the last couple years. I even spoke at his
Midwest Super Conference last year, and it was a great event.

Jeff really opened my eyes to some things happening on the
internet when it comes to outsourcing your internet marketing
business tasks to others. I already do a fair amount of
outsourcing, but I always learn something new when Jeff speaks!

He seems to know where to find all the best people and
services that do great work for little money!

All the stuff I teach takes time to learn, then do.. I know it
can be overwhelming and time consuming, but Jeff has a unique
solution and he’s waiving the fee $250 fee he normally charges
to meet with clients and agreed to meet with my list and friends
on a private webinar to show people specific methods for
outsourcing all one’s internet marketing tasks.

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Jeff is doing a special training call to my group, as a favor
to me and I would like for you to join us on wednesday night,
August 27, at 9 pm EDT for this webinar.

What is a webinar? Well, you’ll get to log in via a computer
and listen in over the phone and watch live training, right over
your PC screen, as Jeff takes you through his presentation and
shows you sites and systems “LIVE” on the net.

You’ll discover:

– 7 places you can begin outsourcing and working less now
– How to get people to do all the stuff you don’t WANT to do now
– How to get people to do all the stuff you don’t know HOW to do now
– How to get a blog up and going fast with no effort
– How to get people doing all your blog work
– Where to find all the people to do your online marketing for you
– Where to find people to do all your linkbuilding and SEO for you

… and so much more

So join Jeff and I on this special webinar this Wednesday at
9 pm EDT. Go to this page and you’ll see we have waived the $250 fee.

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Matt Bacak

PS – Cannot make the call? Sign up anyway for a
special limited time replay link of the recording.

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Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC
1140 Old Peachtree Road, Suite D
Duluth, GA 30097-5121
Phone: 770-271-1536

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