The First Thing You *MUST* Have Before You Build A Email List

The Powerful Promoter – Matt Bacak

The First Thing You *MUST* Have

Before You Build A Email List

Dear Friend,

It’s not a website.

Its a smart auto-responder and mailing list software.

Be aware, I just said smart auto-responder. Not a cheesy one, I mean regular one.

You know what a regular auto-responder is. It’s the thing that a lot of people use when they are out of the office or on vacation. It works like this.

Let’s say you are emailing a friend that is out of town. You send the email and then instantly you get a reply back saying something like this, “I’m out of the office right now, I’m on vacation and won’t be back until Tuesday the 21st.”

Well, that’s a regular auto-responder.

What you want to have before you even think about building a list is a smart auto-responder. Here’s how it works, when someone sends it a email it captures their first name, last name, email address, date stamp, and ip address.

That’s just if they send a email, now what if you had a form on your website or a pop-up?

It will capture almost any information that you want and get this.

It will give you the ability to run an unlimited number of follow-up email campaigns to tens of thousands of prospects – on auto-pilot!

A smart auto-responder will handle thousands of simultaneous follow-up campaigns – a task that would be impossible to manage manually. (working for you 24 x 7 whether you are online or not, accepting subscriptions and sending out your follow-up messages)

You got to love it!

Warmest Regards,

Matt Bacak,

#1 Best Selling Author and….


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