“FAQ about Schedulers”

Do you have more questions about Schedulers? Well, you are in the right place because we have more answers. Read on to find the answers to more frequently asked questions about Schedulers.

What should you look for when running an ad for a Scheduler? Make sure to put in the ad that there is NO cold calling and mention that you have qualified leads. Tell them the leads are given to them daily. They need to be organized and professional. They will be assigned to a sales representative. They need to be knowledgeable about database entry. They need to be personable. Find out how they sound on the phone. They need good phone manners.

Tip: You can move your Scheduler around to different positions in your office. They don’t always have to be Schedulers. Schedulers are usually the easiest to transfer around the office.

Tip: You can also outsource Schedulers since they work through the phone.

How do we go about monitoring how the Scheduler is doing? You want each Scheduler to have daily and weekly goals. You should track their actual numbers every week. As a team you can require them to report to each other every week. For example, every Monday you can have a team meeting. The Schedulers should each try to have their numbers at the top. The Scheduler has to be a self motivator. The more appointment your sales team has, the more money you make as a Scheduler.

Why would you have to call 40 people to get 9 appointments? How do you handle this? Were they not home? Didn’t they want to set up an appointment?
– If they say they aren’t interested then stop calling them.
– If they aren’t home then leave a brief message. If they don’t call back then try to contact them again. Call them 3 more times and send 3 emails over the next week until you get them on the phone. If you still can’t get a hold of them, put them in an “Unable to Contact” file and you can call them back when you have free time.

Tip: Leave a brief message that doesn’t refer to any selling. Make them curious so they are more apt to call back.

Tip: Run through a few mock calls with new Schedulers. Give them a few different scenarios so they can practice with the scripts. It will increase their chances of success when they talk to actual customers.

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