“An Example of a Sales Call”

You know that getting your customer on the phone can lead to selling bigger ticket items. But what do you say when you have them on the phone? Following is an example phone call to give you an idea of how you can apply it to your sales calls.

The phone calls are usually 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes. People will tell you that they only have “X” minutes like 20 to 30 minutes. If you are generally interested in solving their problem then time doesn’t matter. If you really engage them and sell great information then time is not an issue. So don’t tell them it’s going to be an hour right away or they become defensive.

Example: How to sell a SEO home study course.

Sales Person: So you’ve got a website. What is the reason you want to have this phone call with me today?

Customer Answer: I’ve put a lot of money into the website.

Sales Person: So you think SEO will help right?

Customer Answer: Yes, because then I’ll drive up my placement in search engines.

Sales Person: You want to get traffic to your website to sell more stuff? This will make you more money? Why else do you want it?

Customer Answer: To make money for my family.

Sales Person: So tell me about your family…

Customer Answer: I make about $3,000 per month.

Sales Person: How much per month do you want to make? Be specific.

Customer Answer: $10 – $20,000 per month in 5 months.

Sales Person: What would this new money allow in your life?

Customer Answer: My family could go on vacation. I’d have financial freedom.

Sales Person: So you see SEO as helping you achieve this money? What do you know about SEO?

Customer Answer: (Let them explain what they know about SEO.)

Now it’s time for the sales person to paint a pretty picture about how SEO is supposed to work. Give an ideal situation about being the #1 placement on Google. This would lead to more sales which lead to more money which leads to financial freedom and a happy family.

Sales Person: So how do you think you achieve this in SEO?

Customer Answer: I don’t know.

The sales person then explains how their SEO home study course can help customer achieve the ideal situation.

Customer: I’m ready to buy!

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