Do You Have a Winning List?

If you have a website business you already know the importance of having a list. Your list of prospects are those that you can email again and again in order to promote your offers and make sales. But how do you know if your list is good you ask?

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they have a terrible list. But what you have to realise is that it is not your list that is bad, it’s about how you approach your list that needs some improvement.

I always ask business owners who make these statements… “Have you tracked how many people actually clicked on your links? Do you know how many people got the emails? Do you know how many sales you had? Do we know how many impressions, or do you know what your open rate is?” People often are unable to answer these questions. But they fail to realise that the answers to these questions should be the basis upon which they build their list and make sales. Basically if you had zero sales there is a problem and it’s often not with your list.

The numbers you want to look at when it comes to emails are:

What’s your impressions? – If your impressions aka open rates are low, it means that your subject line or your deliverability needs improvement. I use Autoresponse Plus for my autoresponder email messages to my prospects. If you’re using Autoresponse Plus, you can use link tracking. It’ll track all of these things for you. If you’re using something else, you’ve got to figure out how that software tracks it so you can see the results.

What’s your click-through rate (CTR)? – Once again, check your deliverability. Your email message may need improvement.

What’s your sales? – If your sales are low, that means your sales letter is weak and needs improvement.

The biggest problem I see most people have is they don’t add curiosity to the subject line of their email. If your open rate and your impressions are low, that means that people are either not getting your email or your subject line is very weak. And so what you need to do is you need to build a better subject line.

Here’s an example of one of the ones that worked really well for me. It was actually about a tax attorney that I wanted to have on a tele-call. But I said, “My attorney wants to speak to you…” Now, that got some heads turning. Remember, there’s nothing different between a subject line and a headline. Add curiosity and you’ll definitely see an improvement in your CTR.

Another thing to consider is in order to increase your email open rate is not to exceed 50 characters per line. As long as you communicate with your prospect like they are your friend and you keep your emails short and sweet and then send your readers to the sales letter page you will see an improvement in your conversions.

Follow these tips and see your sales soar!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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