“Ditch the Yellow Pages – NOW!”

Is old media failing? Think about this question – Do you use the telephone yellow pages or Google to search for information? More and more people are using Internet search engines to find information. Plus, you can track where your leads come from by using an Internet search engine. Print material, such as the yellow pages, doesn’t help you track where your leads come from.

The popularity of radio is also failing. Many people only listen to radio while they are in their car. Therefore, they aren’t able to write any of your content and/or contact information down.

Don’t ditch old media entirely, but be aware that new media can be more powerful. New media gives users more control. People can fast forward commercials and peruse websites at their leisure. Whereas in the old days people had to sit and listen to the TV news without any input on their part.

50 million people turn to the Internet everyday for news. 45% of TV advertisers are looking to do online advertising because it is more effective and they can track their leads. The return on investment is higher through Internet media.

What is new media marketing? It is conversation marketing versus interrupted marketing. Interrupted marketing of the past was when commercials interrupt the TV program you are watching. You have no control. New media marketing, on the other hand, enables people to discuss niches and topics on the Internet through discussion boards. There is a sense of community and trust that is built in your niche. People can give their input and opinions.

People do business with those that they know, like, and trust. If you are passionate and love what you do then you can communicate this through your audio and video Blogs and podcasts. By watching your video Blogs people will feel like they know you. You become a trusted friend that recommends products and services that solve their problems.

What Blog program is the best? WordPress is the recommended Blog program to use. WordPress is free. It is by far the best Blogger software on the market right now. Everyone online can read, hear, and watch content you write with your Blog. You are educating your subscribers. Audio and video builds trust faster than any other type of media.

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Matt Bacak

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