“18 Blog Tips to Maximize the Success of your Blog”

5 Tips for Blogs:
Tip #1: Use the WordPress Blog program. You have total control. It is free and offers free plug-ins. It is convenient with just a one click installation. You can find templates and themes for WordPress that are free. Just search for WordPress “template” and “themes” on Google. Updating your Blog is simple.

Tip #2: Check out worpresstutorials.com to learn how to use WordPress. There are hundreds of free tutorials for WordPress available on the Internet.

Tip #3: There are extensive plug-ins available for WordPress including language translators.

Tip #4: WordPress can be found at wordpress.org

Tip #5: If you are going to do a text Blog then you have to know how to type and spell.

7 Tips for Audio Blogs/Podcasts:
Tip #1: You should engage in narrow podcasting instead of broadcasting. You need to focus on your niche. Niche radio is a failure in old media broadcasting. However, in the podcasting world, niche radio is the way to go. Niche narrow casting radio and television works on the Internet.

Tip #2: You can build a worldwide audience as long as you have ways of monetizing your niche podcast.

Tip #3: The audio standard for audio Blogs and podcasts are MP3. A great program to use to create MP3’s is Sony Sound Forge. You can also create, edit, and rip audio CDs using Sony Sound Forge. You can also repurpose old content from tapes, etc. into MP3s.

Tip #4: Podcast content can come from chopping up teleseminars to create several podcasts.

Tip #5: You have to have some text in your audio or video Blog. Otherwise the search engines won’t find your Blog.

Tip #6: A challenge about getting video and audio information to your Blog is FTP. FTP simply uploads the media to your Blog. You can find FTP programs that are simple to use.

Tip #7: A great podcast includes 3-5 minutes of helpful content that you post on a weekly basis. The content should be relevant to your niche. The fastest and easiest way to find content for a podcast is to interview somebody.

6 Tips for Video Blogs:
Tip #1: What camera should you use to create a video Blog? Just buy the cheapest camera you can find. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have, it is how you use the equipment. The goal is to subscribe people to your show, not to spend money on the most expensive equipment.

Tip #2: Use Sony Movie Studio to create video Blogs.

Tip #3: Creating video Blogs should be a goal, but not at first. Why? Videos take more time and effort. Master text and audio Blogs before you move on to video Blogs.

Tip #4: Video Blogs can be created using a lavaliere microphone. You can also find microphones that plug directly into the USB port on your computer. You can find a great, quality microphone for only $99.

Tip #5: Produce video Blogs in real time with no editing.

Tip #6: You want a good picture and clear sound. Make sure you have lights that are 300 watts or higher. Make sure that your microphone is close to you. A microphone that is built in the camera doesn’t work as well.

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