Deciding on a day for your teleseminar can be a challenge if you’ve never held a teleseminar. But if you have held teleseminars the only way to know which days are best is to test. If you haven’t done that already, today is your day because I’ve done the testing for you.

Having run hundreds of teleseminars over the years I am well versed in what days work and which days don’t. So, what day of the week do you want to do your call? If you’re not sure let me help you pick a days that will produce great results.
Let’s look at Mondays! Mondays are typically very good at doing training calls. Mondays work best when you’re not selling anything. It’s strictly training. That’s why there’s a lot of training calls happening right at this moment, because training calls are really good on Monday nights. It’s not a really good sales night. Everybody’s kind of getting the flow of things and everything else, and it’s one of those days that’s not the best selling day.
Tuesdays on the other hand are great selling days. You’ll probably want to write that down. Tuesdays are great selling days to do teleseminars!
Wednesdays are really good selling days also. However, there are some outside influences that can cause a lower turnout for Wednesdays. The big thing, especially here in the South, is church.
Thursdays are a great day to make things happen. That’s why a lot of people out there are doing telecalls on Thursday nights. That’s why I do them on Thursday nights.
Friday…I haven’t found Friday nights to be very good. I’ve never actually done one, but I don’t think they would be a very good turnout. Fridays are actually kind of really bad past 11:00 or 12:00 because everybody’s kind of leaving work or taking the day off. They are tired and the last thing they want to do is listed to a call. Fridays are usually relaxation days.
Saturdays are great days to do telecalls. I’ve found Saturday mornings are really good! Plus in the mornings you pick up all the people that never could get on the call during the week. Saturday nights, I haven’t really tested.
Sundays – I’ve never tested a Sunday. I choose not to do those on Sundays.
Once you’ve decided on what date it is, you should send two emails. So if I’m doing a Thursday call, I’ll send an email out on Tuesday and Thursday, driving them to the squeeze page. So I’ll have all these people coming in to my main squeeze page – the one for my niche.
Once you have them funnelled in there you should then send out a specific email to that list saying: “Hey, I’m doing a telecall, go here to sign up for the call.” They’ll go to the page, they’ll fill in their information and voila – you’ve captured their name and they’re ready for the call. But just remember that you need to include an email to the autoresponder sequence. Inside the email you need to give them the phone number and the PIN code for the call, so they automatically get it when they sign up.
Choose your date carefully and funnel in your visitors. As long as you take the time to prepare and organize how you capture the names of your visitors and choose a winning day, there should be no reason why your teleseminar should be unsuccessful. Proper planning leads to great results!

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