Capturing Names for Your JV Deal

If you are partnering with someone and helping promote their products as well as yours, how do you ensure you have access to the customer list? This is a question I received recently. To make this completely clear, here was the question:

“How should I set up 1ShoppingCart to accomplish the following? I’m working independently as a promoter for a person that creates digital content for coaches. We’re doing a launch with five different products for $147. The names will be going through his shopping cart. He already has the shopping cart set up with the products and the promotion. How can I make sure that I capture the names of anybody that buys the products? I want to make sure that if they buy something in his cart, I can capture their first name and email address and they get on my list as well.”

The fastest way to do it is to talk the individual whose products you’re promoting. You could say something like: “Hey, look, if I’m going to spend the time and energy promoting your products, I would like to get the contact information of the people that I send you. Somehow you need to work out a deal where you get access to their names and email addresses as well.

Now, if you don’t want to do that, the next best thing to do is offering a bonus. For anybody who buys any of those five products, they’ll get a specific bonus. However, in order for them to get the bonus from you, you’ve got to get their name and email address. Since you don’t have the shopping cart you can do something else. How about offering your bonus on the thank-you page as well as the landing page that people land on!

If your jv partner is not too keen on just giving you every single persons contact info that buys then what you could say is, “Well, okay, no problem. Why don’t we do it this way? I’ll offer an unadvertised bonus! So, they go in, they purchase it, they go to a thank-you page, and on that thank-you page it will say: “Here’s our unadvertised bonus. Click here to get this.”

Once they click on the link, they’ll be lead to a squeeze page and then you can capture all the people that take you up on your bonus offer. So, your partner is no longer handing them to you, but what’s happening is those people are choosing to go there and give you their information and you can collect their contact information from there. That would be a great way to capture their info.

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