Any last-minute stragglers?…

Marketing Madness is almost sold out…

If you can make the event this Friday
then I’d recommend getting your ticket
right now because there are just 3 seats
left for Marketing Madness Live.

This event doesn’t have
your usual suspects…

Go here to check it out:

Here are 5 things that make this
different than other seminars?

1. You won’t see the usual suspects.

2. My clients are presenting what they have
been doing to explode their online business.

3. The investment in the seminar is less than
a single night at a typical hotel room.

4. A special luncheon for the women *ONLY*.

5. Sunday Prayer session with a pastor.

Reason #6: YOU get in FREE!

Because, I know…It’s not going to
be just good, it’s going to be GREAT!

Warning: There are only ‘3’ seats that remain.

So if you haven’t grabbed your tickets
yet go here right now and get them.

The possibilities at this event are endless.

Hope to see you in Atlanta,

Matt Bacak

Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC

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