Answers: What " exactly " is review crusher? (No Video)

In this email I want to let you know what EXACTLY
review crusher is.

Why did you create Review Crusher Mike?

I created it for myself. I started to notice that you can do
reviews on the most popular people, products, and services in
your niche and then promote that product at the end of the review
or send the reader anywhere you like such as an optin
page or another related product all together.

How do you know it works?

I have been talking to some top marketers on the Internet. Many of
them use this exact same strategy to build lists and
earn 6 figures per year.

In the video, I mention how one marketer
is making over $400,000 with this very same technique.

If you developed it for you, why are you selling it?

I knew when I developed it, I could use it to build huge lists. I
already have a market funnel that is tested. I have
hired a company to write reviews for me.

I will be buying Pay Per Click traffic to every one of these
reviews and then sending the reader to take a free offer at the
end of the review.

I realized when designing the script what I wanted, that this
technique CAN, and IS, being used in virtually ANY NICHE. I
just knew that if this idea was good enough for me, many

would also want it.

And since I am a software developer and marketer, I knew that
putting this in to the hands a select group of people would not
create any significant competition for any that owned the script
since there are virtually unlimited products to review in
unlimited niches.

Just as I developed my ButterflyMarketing script for ME, I went on
to sell it while me and hundreds of others have used it
to make 5 and 6 figures with it.

I expect the same with Review Crusher.

In the video, you show people that are bidding on things like:

* Joe Doe is a Scam?
* Don’t buy from John Doe
* he is a Con Man,

Do you condone this and do you recommend that users use this

NO! I think this is despicable and anyone doing it should be
ashamed of themselves. I would never advise it or teach it.


Should we still bid on popular names, products, and services? And

if so, what would you recommend an ad look like?

YES! This is a brilliant and popular strategy. I do however think
if you are “buying” the traffic, you should only focus
on positive reviews. Put good energy out in the world. If you do
not have anything good to say about someone, do NOT say

The point here is to do an HONEST review and use that
traffic to build a list or make affiliate income. I think
it is pretty sleazy to “Bid” on someone’s name to write a bad
review (even if true) for the sake of profit. – That is just
me and that is what we will be teaching.

The 50 reviews that you make for us, or any others you make for us
in the future, will they have “Negative” reviews?

NO! – The pre-made reviews we include to get you up and going
contain no negative reviews. We are not looking to make any
enemies and we do not want you or us to ever profit by making
– Show quoted text –

someone else look bad, even if they deserve it.

All of our reviews are positive energy and based on FACT. If
there was a bad person we felt was not good to talk about, we
did not review them.

Are you hoping that so many people with Review Crusher “Bid” on
your name with positive reviews to eliminate those “jerks”
that are bidding on your name with the ugly and possibly illegal
SCAM tactics ads?

LOL – No! That would be silly. I am dealing with Google on that as
well as all of the other good marketers out there that
are being hurt by these people. In fact, I would suggest focusing
on everyone other than me.

There are thousands of products, people, and services in
“Internet Marketing” to review and get traffic from and literally
Millions in other niches.

Aren’t there other scripts like this, or ones that I can get as a
PLUGIN for word-press?

Answer is simple. NO!

There is NOTHING like review crusher. Just like Butterfly
Marketing, there are several affiliate scripts, and there are
all types of services like 1shoppingcart and even my own paydotcom
and vTribes.

But ButterflyMarketing does a SPECIFIC style of marketing that
when used can make you thousands, even hundreds of thousands of

That is why I DEVELOPED Review Crusher for ME – I wanted a custom
software that was good at ***1 THING ***. Not some
hacked up blog plugin that does “reviews”

Look, I ALREADY HAD THAT. I own MarketingProductReview- com . That
is a “review” site, Right? It is a simple wordpress blog with
a “Plugin” to handle reviews and make cute starts.

But at the end of the day, it is just a blog… with a plugin. It
is NOT made for making profits with a SPECIFIC strategy.

When you want to make things work, you build it to do a SPECIFIC
job. You do not build a “Football Player”, you build a

Quarterback that wins 4 Superbowls and 3 of the are MVP’s like Joe

That is what Review Crusher is. There is no script out there “made
by a marketer” to do one thing and do it well.

Will you teach me how to use it?

Again, just like ButterflyMarketing (BFM), it is more than just the
‘software’. What made BFM work so well for the people that had it,
is that I wrote a Manuscript showing how I made it
work for me for years before that.

Many people tried to knock it
off. But there have been very very few success stories from
their customers. And the ones that did have success,
many of them read my Manuscript when I sold it as a stand alone.

So the answer is YES. The reason why you will have a great chance
at success is the following… YOU choose the niche, WE teach you
how to get the traffic to your reviews.

You get free access to Job Crusher. In there, we are doing a 4 week
crash course on how to use Google Adwords to design
ads and get traffic to your review site.

We are also going to teach you how to monetize that traffic with
your review site.

Plus there will be a whole video series released just on this.

So, some will go out and do a search on “review script” and get
stuck with some 2nd rate 6 file script that is not even
made for this kind of marketing.

The ones that have REAL SUCCESS with be Review Crusher members. I
will bet my business on that.

Remember, I had it MADE CUSTOM FOR ME to use. Why wouldn’t I just
use some 3rd rate silly script or plugin?

What is the price?

As I stated in the video… It cost me over $10,000 to have made.
and more to continue to support. And yes, you can go to
scriptlance-com and have one made. It will cost you MORE than what
I am selling it for, and who will support you?

Who will teach you how to use it? What if there are bugs? Do you

even know who to spec out the project?

The price is $1234 –

It comes with a finance option. $497 today and $67 for 11 months.
If you use it like we teach, you can make back your
money 100x in the first year.

If you do not like it, tell us in 30 days and get a FULL REFUND. –
No Q’s asked. Period.

Is there a REFUND.

Yes. If you missed it above, simply tell us in 30 days and get a
FULL REFUND. – No Q’s asked. Period – We will just sell
your license.

Did you make this script to capitalize on the opportunity of the
recent “nemesis” review launch that spoke about

LOL – That one makes me chuckle. If you think that a project can
come out 1 week before mine and I can move that fast and
come up with RC in 1 week, you are giving me way too much credit.

My products are mapped out already for the next 6 months
and beyond.

This one was so good I moved it up to the front of the line.

We registered the domain months ago:
Creation Date: 30-may-2008

In your last email, you used “Fike Filsaime”. Were you trying to be
cute or get past SPAM filters?

No. I am not that calculated, LOL. I had 30 people from the warrior
forum at my office on Fri/Sat for networking. I was so
busy with them, I forgot to mail a follow up to my list.

While networking and talking, I wrote an email to you. I wanted
the subject to look personal.

So I wrote: mike filsaime…. I used “no caps” because I wanted it
to look like I was not concerned as I would to a personal buddy
when I am not worried about things like that. (I am calculated
about that stuff.)

At the last second, I decided, while many people were
talking to me, to capitalize the Letters. I made the f into
an F, and the m into an.. F – Thus I sent out… It’s Fike
Filsaime. You can imagine how embarrassed I was – HA!

What do I Need to Run this?

You need your OWN DOMAIN NAME and hosting. We do not provide that.
This is YOUR Site. Your hosting needs to allow PHP and
MYSQL. 95% of web hosts provide this. If you need help, we can
recommend dozens like kiosk hosting or hostgator.

Your license is yours to run on your domain for the rest of your
life once you are paid. (If you need a 2nd or more licenses.

Contact our help desk for discounts.)

Do we get reviews with this product when we buy it?

Yes, there are 50 complimentary reviews included when you buy.

Mike, you mentioned that you are having reviews written. Do we get
access to them?

I will be spending thousands over the next few years to have
hundreds and hundreds of reviews made for me. As I make them
for me, I will sell packs of 25 to 50 for about $29.95 every month
if you choose to get them. This is OPTIONAL.

If I BUY IT NOW, do I get it now?

Yes. It is ready to go and you can start to use it right NOW! (How

When does the complimentary training start?

Remember, you not only get the crash course on how to use this, but
you also get 1 year of JobCrusher included as a bonus
so you can learn all kinds of marketing stuff!

How many are you selling?

Less than 1000 and we are well over the half way point. When we
sell out. We close the doors. Period. If it does even come
back. It will be 2x to 3 x the price. (You know that to be true
based on my last 4 launches.)

Hundreds have it already. Don’t wait to see all of them have the
success and then have it not be available

We are closing the doors in a few days at the number or the
deadline. One way or another.

This may be your last invite. Next time you go, it may

If you do not like it, REFUND it. You have N O R I S K at all.

Do you care if I buy this?

Yes I do. I want you to have it. If you do not, I will never know.
We will sell out anyway… And if you were to refund
it, that is O.K. with us too. I want you to try it and be happy. If
everyone did not like it, everyone would refund.

That is why I know it is just a great product! And if you were to
refund it, there will be a line of people that get here late
that will buy your license spot. So it is cool if you refund.

THE BIG QUESTIONS =====================>>


Yes, view the li.nk below to see a fast demo…

DEMO >>>

Where do I get it?

If you have NOT seen the full video, go here

If you ALREADY saw the video, go here


Mike Filsaime

PS – Do not let anyone influence your decisions.
Look only at the facts. Many nay sayers are the ones
that are negative people that are not doing
anything at all and love to bash good stuff.

Here is what I know to be FACT –

– I do very well on the Internet.
– Many Many Many of my customers do very well on the Internet.
– Many Many People with this product will do VERY well.
– People that make NO MONEY will bash Review Crusher and not
even own it??? … and then talk trash about it, me, and YOU in

We will have the last laugh…

We “always” do ;)

I think they’ll close within 24 hours…
so be sure to hustle on over right now.


Matt Bacak

Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC

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