The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 7

I don’t know if any of you out there are blogging already. I’m sure there’s some who are. I know a lot of people out there advocate blogging and I’m another person who’s about to advocate it again. If you’re not blogging on the internet, then it’s literally something that you should be doing because you are missing out on a ton of traffic.

The internet likes blogs and search engines love them! It doesn’t matter where you have a blog. They bottom line is they like blogs. It’s the way of the net.
Any time that a blog refreshes content, it almost automatically gets put into Google, Yahoo, MSN or whatever search engine that they’re mostly posting to. The reason why is, a lot of these blogs are actually doing what’s called, “pinging” different blog search engines.

These blog search engines are highly spidered by the regular search engines and what that does for you is it takes your blog and moves it higher on the search engines for you. This then obviously brings traffic back to your squeeze page. So it’s kind of all, one big cycle.

What we do is we actually take your article, as well as take the embedded code from your YouTube video, and we post both the video and the article as a post in your blog. Now, what that’s going to do for you is start creating a highly-ranked blog that does nothing more than drive traffic back to your squeeze page because it’s creating content on a blog that you can then drive back to squeeze pages and get a lot of people visiting you.

That’s also another way that you can also get a second website, higher rankings in the search engines. Remember, we’re not just talking about trying to take over the number one position in Google. We’re talking about dominating as many pages as possible.

Well all know that taking top spot is good, but it is only one spot. If there’s nowhere else for people to go but your website, guess where they’re going to go? Your website! So really, what you want to do is you want to start creating things like blogs to take you to the top.

Actually, the best part about following all of these steps is that any one of these could help you, but we’re going to do nine of them, and we’re only at Step 7 right now. What we’ve already done will give you great results. Just imagine how much better you’ll do following the entire A9 Process!

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