“5 Success Tips from Multimillionaires”

Success Tip #1: Magic really exists. Following is a story to demonstrate this statement. One day, a top corporate business man in New York City looked out his office window. He saw piece of land. He thought the land was unusual because the land was empty and didn’t have a building on it like every other square inch of Manhattan. He used his imagination to visualize a building on the land. He closed his eyes and thought that a building was really there. Guess what. A building eventually was there. A building which he built now graces that land. He used his thoughts to attract the reality he desired.

Basically, thoughts are what cause action. Energy always causes thoughts.

If you can convince yourself that you can become a multimillionaire by the end of the year then you might become one. Your belief might not be correct, but it might happen. Visualization is an extremely powerful skill. It lets you control reality with your mind alone.

Success Tip #2: Burn a few bridges. This means that you quit your job so you have no choice, but to succeed in your own business. A lot of people aren’t successful because they have something easy to fall back on. For example, they have the security of their “day” job that prevents them from realizing the full potential of their dream. There is a very powerful psychological aspect and motivator when you have burned bridges.

Success Tip #3: When anybody tries to put you down understand that they are wrong. They don’t know that you have it in you, only you do. You know that you can succeed and that’s all that matters. So don’t listen to them!

Success Tip #4: Have you read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Read this book over and over again. It chock full of valuable inspiration and advice.

Success Tip #5: Be bold and strong forces will follow. You will find that people who told you that you couldn’t succeed now follow you after you’ve been successful. It’s funny how once you lead the pack; people change their minds about you. This type of confidence is very, very powerful.

Success Tip #5: Look at end results. “Dream like you’ll live forever. Live like you’ll die today.” Set short goals that you can accomplish today. When you set your dreams set them big.

These five success tips helped an 18 year old start a million dollar online business. He was steadfast in his goals and determination. Learn from his advice and turn your business into a million dollar venture as well.

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Matt Bacak

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