“The 3 Step Selling Process of a 1 Hour Phone Call”

So you have the customer on the phone. Now, how do you sell to them? Follow this format to help you earn the most money and please your customer at the same time.

3 Step selling process for a one hour call:
Step #1: First 15-20 minutes – During this time you have the customer tell you what their problem or situation is. Tell them that you have two goals for the phone call: 1) you want to learn more about them and help them out with strategies and 2) you want to show how you can help them.

So let them tell you what they are looking for. Have them explain where they are at. Give them free reign to tell you anything and everything. You can use this information as ammunition later on in the call when you sell to them.

Following is an example of the first step in action. The client is in the Internet Marketing industry:
Ask why do you want an online business? Then have them tell you everything they think about this question. Note their answers. Figure out what they really want at the core. For example, they may have trouble getting what they want out of life because they can’t accomplish their goals.

Step #2 of the call is to explain an ideal situation or ideal solution.
For example, with regard to your goal setting this is how it “should” work…..
Explain it to them. You want them to understand how it is supposed to work and if they can get it to work this way then they will achieve whatever goal it is that they want to achieve. Ask them if they understand how an ideal works. If you’ve done a good job of explaining it then they will say “yes”. Then you show how you can help with to achieve the ideal which leads to step #3.

Step #3 of the call is to offer a solution. Your solution is the explanation manifested. This means that you show how the reasons they listed in step #1 could be solved by using your product and service.

Tip: You need to be interactive during the whole call. Don’t just talk at them. They will sell themselves more often than not if you let them talk, answer questions, and ask questions.

Tip: It’s logical to proceed forward, but humans are not logical, they are emotional.

You should also know the “CAB” Principle:
“Cut, agitate, and Bend”
Cut: Find out what bothers them.
Agitate: Let them see that there is a better way and how much better their life could be. Make them feel like their problems are much deeper than they realize.
Bend: Bend them in your direction and show them that your product or service could help them become closer to the ideal situation.

Tip: People don’t like to be sold. People like to make decisions themselves. People love to sit on the fence. So sometimes you have to push them off the fence in your direction.

Tip: These tips apply to any product or service that’s why we can refer to products as widgets.

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