What three things are the fastest ways to build a top-quality list?

List building, actually quality list building does not have to be a difficult task if you know where to go on how to approach it. Some methods take longer than others but the money strategies are typically the fastest ways to start building a highly targeted list. Running a Google AdWords campaign is probably THE fastest way to build a top-quality list because Google is used by millions and millions of people.

Another fast way to build a top-quality list is doing solo ads or solo advertising. Basically, what that means is that you go out and you pay somebody that has a list, a newsletter, or a group of people that are in your target market or in your niche to send an email out for you. There are some places out there that specifically base their business model around this concept. You pay them money and they mail.

For example, one place that I personally use if I want to go after authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants is Speaker New News. If I’m looking for people in the health industry, the health niche, the personal development, self help, I use SelfGrowth.com. If I’m looking for people that have a lot of money that are interested in investments and things like that, then I go to NewsMax.com. If I’m looking for some people that are into business opportunities or internet marketing, a great place I go to is Ezines-R-Us . I’ve gotten a lot of subscribers from each one of these and would have to say that it was money well spent.

So , you’ve got solo ads, you have Google AdWords and another great way to build a list which is also one of the fastest ways is finding joint ventures. Finding people that have newsletters or a list that’s in the same market as yours and basically having them mail out for you to make things happen. Basically, you don’t pay them like a solo ad, instead you work out some kind of a deal with them – perhaps a portion of the profits, for them to mail it out for you.

In my opinion, those are the three great ways and quick ways to build a top-quality list.

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