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Sun, Dec 19, 2010

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We’re aiming high, and in fact…we’re aiming so high that we’re shooting for the stars and if we miss, we’ll hit the moon – destroy it (on joke) and still hit the stars…

We’re talking reaching the unreachable…2,000 Clickbank Gravity (which has never been reached before) and seeing the unseeable, 20,000 front end units (front end units, not total units) – and in turn create history…

…but, we can’t do it without you, and that’s why you’re here…

…We need every able man, woman, and child to become part of history, part of something bigger than all of us…

Please click the video below to get more information to promote the Mass Money Makers launch and participate in this historical online event.

MattBacakMassMoneyMakers Lets Make Google Jealous Together : )

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