Duplicate Content

I keep hearing from people that believe the search engines can tell if you submitted the same article to many article submission sites and that it would lower your page rankings. So how important is this really?

Well, I’ve got good news for you! You don’t have to change every article a hundred times to submit it to the various places out there. Here’s the deal on duplicate content. First of all, you’ve got to understand one thing. Google and pretty much no one else at this present moment picks up duplicate content. So yes, Google will penalize you but no one else will.

However, what most people forget about and what I want to try to ingrain in your mind is the fact that you’re not just doing this for page rankings. You’re doing this to get your articles on these article locations because these article locations have readers. These article locations have people that are looking for your stuff and if you’re not on there, they’re not coming to you. They have a community that keeps on coming back and looking for you as well as new people that find you. These sites are also higher in the search engines because a lot of them are authority sites. People forget the fact that when they submit to a site like this, they get their traffic visitors.

The other fact that gets overlooked is that it’s not just people who are going to that article site to look for your information for personal consumption, but people are going there to look for your information to put on their pages, to put in their newsletters etc. And yes, the content will be the same but being listed in those locations around the web will definitely improve your exposure web wise.

So, just think about it. You’re not only getting your website viewed, but you’re also getting your article viewed. You’re also getting your article published in multiple locations. So having more articles out there in different locations, will most likely have one or more people who are going to read it and go back to your website. This will ensure more people are going to take it and publish it on the internet.

Actually, to make it easier to post articles online you can use something called Article Submitter Pro. You can also use another tool that may save you time and help you focus your efforts on more important things. This tool is called Article Marketer. Just go to http://www.articlemarketer.com/ and http://www.articlesubmitterpro.com/ and you’ll find these resources be a lot easier in increasing your presence online and improve your traffic ranking.

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