Article Marketing is Free – and a Must To Build Your Reputation

Article marketing is one of the absolute best methods you can use to build your reputation and your online business.  By submitting articles to top-ranked article directories, you can easily become known as an expert in your niche or industry.

When article directories, such as  Ezine or News Album like your articles, they are likely to publish them on their own site, which helps spread the word and build incoming links to your website or blog.  Articles can do pretty amazing things!  Another little secret you may not know is that you can sell them later on as PLR material.

Many people don’t write articles, simply because they don’t know how or just don’t like to write.  If this is the case, it’s well worth spending a little money to have someone do it for you.  Articles can be used in so many ways – in your autoresponder messages, as posts on a blog, or to add to your site so that you can build out your content – which Google LOVES.  If you are not marketing with articles, you are missing out on a great cost-free advertising method.

In fact, writing articles is used by some marketers as the sole way they make money.  They may have a blog or website, but if they aren’t familiar with other strategies such as social media, bookmarking and the likes, they will write dozens of articles every week to send traffic to the site, and to help build page rank.

The “bum marketing” method that was all the rage a while back is still one way that many people make a good deal of money.  In all honesty, you probably wouldn’t make as much money writing articles alone, but it is a good way to supplement your income.  If you are not incorporating article marketing into the mix, you’re missing out on tons of benefits!

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