Mayweather vs. McGregor

I guess it’s time to finally weight in on the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight since I’m taking my son to God’s country tomorrow with his friends for his birthday. I always bite my tongue when it comes to politics but this is boxing. The fight is in a boxing ring and not an octagon. As […]

JVNotify Pro

Product: JVNotify Pro by Mike Merz Cost: As low as $47.00   JVNotify Pro   By: Matt Bacak There are many ways to get up to date information about product launches but the best way is by using JVNotify Pro. This is a forum that’s specially designed to provide all the necessary information about a […]

Small Business Phone Service

Small Business Phone Service   By: Matt Bacak The largest expense for any small business is usually communication. This means that it has to look for any means to get higher quality communication channels at affordable prices. Enter Vocalocity small business phone service. This article will look at what it is and why any business […]

Welcome to Matt Bacak’s new blog!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Stepping into the new frontier with this blog. I’m setting this up for two reasons right now. First so that you and I can communicate. Second, because blogs by nature get crawled by search bots more frequently. You are more than welcome to post here. Talk to you soon. Warmest Regards, […]