Why Is Social Media Important in Your Business?

Why Is Social Media

Important in Your Business?

By Matt Bacak

The importance of social media in business is visible in when you consider the recommendations for successful online marketing. It is the most popular networking tool for both personal and business world. Its growth is a clear indication of its importance: it took the radio 37 years to reach around 50 million listeners, television took 13 years to reach the same target, the internet only took 4 while the social media boasted 200 million active users in 1 year.

Many companies are picking up on social media to build their brand visibility and asses their performance. A survey by Harvard Business Studies on 2,100 companies had the following findings:

1. 58% of the companies currently use social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

2. 79% of the firms either use the channels or plan to use them in their business.

3. 49% thought that the digital media is a vital part of marketing strategy.

4. 69% predicted that the use of social networks will significantly grow in the next year.

5. The companies use social to promote their services and brands.

6. 12% of the firms have employed dedicated employees to digital networks.

Here are detailed reasons why you should use social media in your business.

7. Collaborating and instantly engaging with other users. These users can either be consumers, partners or potential consumers / partners.

8. You get to be connected to other business people and have a chance to build links, partnerships and connections

9. You can share information with your audience instantaneously.

10. You have the chance to expose your business to the public within a short time.

11. With huge number of social network users, it is a great tool for cheap advertising compared to many other sites.

12. You can easily monitor consumers reactions to your products and assess them

13. By interacting with your users, it puts you in a very good position to research for new ideas for your business.

14. The interactivity of the social networks has made it a great tool for brand awareness creation. If you haven’t taken advantage of it, you are missing out.

15. With traditional media, trends were not so easy to monitor. Some networks such as Twitter allow us to monitor trends among customers with improved accuracy.

16. It is a more powerful advertising tool compared to many advertising platforms. This is because you can have more targeted ads to specific age groups, professions and interests. Facebook is a good example.

17. Having followers and users interested in your business give you a chance to refer them to your websites as leads or sales.

18. Social media presence gives you access to affordable and free publicity.

19. Listen to what the public is talking about in your niche. This gives you the chance to detect possibilities of improving your business.

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