Tips on How to Create a Viral Article

Tips on How to Create a Viral Article

Tips on How to Create a Viral Article
By Matt Bacak

Creating an article that gets picked up everywhere online is possible if you can create kick-butt content. If you produce an article with elements and content that makes people think, addresses new things not usually addressed in other articles, making it incredibly compelling and interesting for your reader, you’re on the road to having a very viral article.

One way to almost entirely guarantee that your article becomes viral is to choose an article topic that is “hot” at the moment. Not only that, but title your articles so that they coincide with current news – something that’s big in your market at the moment. This alone will assist in your article becoming viral.The other thing is, too – something that really is the biggest kicker is to make sure that you don’t create content focused on sales or anything self-promotional within your article. Create content without an agenda. It makes you look truthful and honest. This will help you gain a more loyal following. You can leave the sales promos to some of your other articles. But make sure you have a few circulating out there following this viral format for greater results.

Now use an article submission sites like to submit your article to. However, don’t forget to also submit it to other locations out there, because the more opportunities you have of your articles being out there on the internet, the more opportunity that you’ll have to get it to go viral and get it passed around. Then sign up for Google Alerts based upon the name of the author of the articles you want to become viral as well as the title of the article. Do this for each article that you’re submitting and circulating online. This way you’ll be able to track where your articles are. But better then that, you’ll be able to get more traffic using this special technique. Not many people know about this technique, so take note.

Go to Google and set up your alert based upon your author name (your name) and article title. This will allow Google to track the location of your article and send you an alert of the location it’s been published at. Now, in order to make your article more viral, this is what you need to do. Once Google sends you an alert, take the link of the article location and go to and post the link. This technique alone will help pull that page up a little bit more, in the search engines resulting in more traffic and a more viral article. Use this technique to gain a voice in your industry and become an authority that your competition will envy.

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