The Typical Life Cycle of an Internet Marketer

The typical life cycle of an internet marketer is the first thing they start looking for are ways to make money. Any opportunity. to make money, they jump on it.

Examples: Stock trading, Real Estate… Then they discover Internet Marketing.

Once Internet Marketing is established, they buy everything they can get their hands on. This right here is where a line is drawn. As in , they break free from being in learning mode and come to the realization that they need to implement or they just give it up.

Don’t give up…

Now looking at the people that start implementing comes another cross roads because they are going to try things and they are not going to work for them and/or they decide to move forward or they decide to quit.

Through persistence they crack the code and as soon as the code is cracked they start buying things because they feel they have the keys to the kingdom then they go broke.

Do whatever they did to make the money again, then they go broke, then do whatever they did to make the money again. Some people continue down this path while others wake up and realize that they don’t really have a business.

At that point they probably hire an assistant, start looking for people to work with them and start making more consistent money. At this point there is another cross road.

Many go down the path of building and building upon their teams, not looking at the bottom line, but only paying attention to their ego. Some continue at the smaller level.

There comes a time when the person that builds that huge business realizes that employees do not equal profits and many scale back.

At that point you must make a decision whether it is better to ask yourself this question: Do you want to build wealth or do you want to build an organization?

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