Is Article Submission Enough?

Is Article Submission Enough?

Is Article Submission Enough?
By Matt Bacak

If you have followed what I have been saying for a long time about the importance of article marketing, you know that I only preach this because I know it works. If you’ve been submitting your articles to gain article rankings as well as other subscription directory sites, I commend you. Not only are you growing your business by increasing your traffic numbers, but you are also ensuring that you’ll be achieving greater revenues for your business. And on top of all of this, if you add blogging to your list of things, you are really sailing! But the question remains, what else can you do? Can you do more? Absolutely! There is always more you can do.

Marketing does not stop with one technique. There are a ton of things you can do to market your online business. I would suggest either setting up a Google AdWords campaign and start using Google AdWords to get traffic to your website. This is one of the very best marketing methods because you can see results fairly quickly. But also, video marketing has also become very useful as well and can improve your traffic and sales numbers tenfold!

Now if you are considering changing your articles into videos and submitting them to various video sites like YouTube or Google Video, one of the tricks I highly recommend is to make sure you have the link to whatever page you want your visitor to go to. In your video, don’t just supply them with a link to the home page of the website you want them to visit. Direct them to the actual page within your website for further information on the topic you discuss in your video.

Make sure also that your keywords are in your description so that you can ensure that you gain a good amount of traffic to your page. A clearly thought out keyword list and description can make all the difference in how much your video is being viewed. But most importantly, the content within your video must engage and compel your viewer to want to click on the link that you supply them with.

So, if you’re not using pay-per-click advertising or video advertising to leverage your marketing efforts, I highly suggest you get on it right away!

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