How to Get Newsletter, Teleseminar & Product Ideas – (Part 2)

How to Get Newsletter, Teleseminar & Product Ideas – (Part 2)

How to Get Newsletter, Teleseminar & Product Ideas – (Part 2)
By Matt Bacak

Part one of this article series titled: “How to Get Newsletter, Teleseminar and Product Ideas”, I spoke about the importance of listening to your audiences as this can help you create new and improved products and information for your visitors. But today, I’d like to share how I use the AskDatabase tool to produce more newsletters, teleseminars and products.

Askdatabase helps me tremendously with my weekly IM teleconference calls that I have with my members. What I love most about this tool is I can actually see on the left side of the AskDatabase screen – the actual keyword density or the word density of various questions asked by my visitors. This allows me to address the questions that are most popular. I can basically see the most commonly asked questions for any given month! This is a huge plus for me because I then can use that topic (or most commonly asked question) for my next teleconference call. So, I don’t have to really think about it. All of the work is already done for me. This makes the tool so powerful!

I highly recommend looking at the questions your visitors or students ask you. This is what I do. This gives me some great ideas. But what I like most is that I’m able to listen to my readers and offer them some great feedback. It’s very rewarding because I know that I am not only helping them, but I’m creating more potential products that can later be sold.

Oftentimes, when I answer questions from my students, I email them back. But my emails often go into much greater detail. I basically write back a longer explanation than they actually needed. But I choose to go into more in-depth detail for a reason. And the reason for that is I’ll save my detailed response to them and I’ll put it in a little file called IM Dirt (my newsletter) or something like that. So, then that file is later turned that into content for my newsletter! So a lot of times I’ll do stuff like that, where I’m actually utilizing the month’s work into additions for the newsletter. This is an excellent strategy in that you’re using existing content that you put a lot of effort into, to create very useful information for your readers. Once again, that’s leverage at its best!

I actually had an event that I was holding and I asked my speakers “… if you’ve got any really good stuff that you’d love to add to my newsletter, then please add them to my AskDatabase page here. And if they’re good, I’ll put them in the next edition of IM Dirt.” So, this month I got one from Ted Nicholas. So, I added that one in this month. It was called: “Right Brain Copy Secrets,” and it’s pretty good. So what I did was once he gave me that, I put that in the IM Dirt newsletter for my readers. But what’s so powerful about this strategy and using the expertise of your speakers is, you’re not only helping your speaker gain an even bigger audience (so people get to know him a little bit better for when he comes to my event). But you’re also doing your readers a service by providing fresh new content that is from an expert. You’re giving them information that they can’t easily find somewhere else. It’s a win-win for everyone. So a lot of times I’ll do stuff like that before events. It helps tremendously.

So, if you’re itching for ideas, take a step back and look at your business. Are you listening to your readers? Are you answering their questions? Are the same questions being asked time and time again? If so, take that information and leverage it in ways that you can use it to your advantage. Create articles, hold a teleconference call. Sell your teleconference and make even more money. There are endless ways you can use the information given from your market to create not only more for them but even more for you as well. If you give your market what they want, they will keep coming back to you.

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