How Much Commission Do You Give Your JV Partners?

How Much Commission Do You Give Your JV Partners?

How Much Commission Do You Give Your JV Partners?
By Matt Bacak

If you are holding an online event like a series of online teleseminars or virtual expos focused on interviewing experts for the purpose of later selling the audio recordings as a downloadable product once the event is over, I commend you on your efforts. That’s a great idea! Best of all, you’re taking action and looking at ways to monetize your efforts. Although, it will require a bit of work, you’re overall end result is what’s worth it. However, you need to make sure that you’re making an offer that your JV partner cannot refuse. That is the only way that they would agree to the partnership. You’d have to give them at least 50% of any sales made, as well as making sure that they benefit through more exposure to a very responsive list as well. It should not only be financially rewarding for them, but you have to ensure that your audience is a good fit for them as well.

If you’re considering partnering with big names in internet marketing or big names in the real estate market, to be honest, I don’t see them promoting your product unless it’s a a perfect match for their market. Afterall, they are in demand experts in their industry and they want to ensure that they are spending their time wisely, working with people who can make them a good chunk of change. Think about it, if you were a highly recognized figure in your niche, that had offers coming at them left, right and center, you too would want to ensure that these offers made perfect sense to you and that you were compensated well. You’re partner should have no problem being interviewed or getting on a call with you if they see that it will benefit them.

If your list was not a perfect fit for their expertise and knowledge, then it would be an opportunity cost to send out an email. You’d get a very minimal response, and it wouldn’t be worth it. It would be your job to sell the offer to your list to ensure that you had a good response. That’s my whole focus and that’s my perspective. If they know that you have a highly responsive list and that by them being on the call, that that’s going to result in sales, then any JV partner would welcome the effort. As long as you make the offer a win-win for both parties, there should be no problem.

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