Get The Results You Want From Your Website

Get The Results You Want From Your Website

By Matt Bacak

Are you not getting the results you want out of your website? Could you unknowingly be turning away potential customers? We’re going to look at a couple of things that could be causing you to lose customers and money. Don’t worry though because once you know what your mistake is, it’s easy to fix it and optimize your website.

When you first land on your website, what do you notice right away? What do you think your customer notices? Some novices when creating their website create a page that instantly attacks the prospect with pop-up ads or a loud playing video they can’t turn off. Other create web pages that take forever to load, giving their potential customers ample time to decide they don’t want to wait and leave to find another website.

Another thing that can turn away people is not having an easy to navigate site. Your website should have clear navigation links that are easy to find. If your reader gets lost, they may decide to leave instead of trying to tangle their way out of the mess. Not only should your links to navigate your page be easy to find but you should also seriously consider never changing the location they’re in. This is for your return readers. If you have people who come to your site regularly, you don’t want to frustrate them by moving the essentials around.

Also, take a look at your content. Is your content relevant and up to date? If your content is old, this could be why people aren’t staying on your website. It’s also a bad idea to use old content with the current date. Readers will find out and this can ruin your reputation. Don’t do it! It’s bad practice.

Now as you look at your website, are you distracted by advertisements like pop-up ads and banners? Is there flashing text and constant interruption? If so, let me ask you… what do you do when you come across a website like this? You probably don’t stay around to see if it has great content. You probably just exit out quickly and find another website, right? Don’t aggravate your readers by using too many advertisements.

Lastly, check your website for spelling, grammatical errors and broken links. No one will take you seriously if your website is full of errors like these that are so easy to fix. It gives the impression that you are too lazy or too stupid to do spell-check. It’s very unprofessional and can easily turn away potential customers.

It’s not hard to change your website to maximize your visitors and money. You only need to look at your website from a new perspective. Take the time to go through your website like you are a new visitor. Go to other websites and see what strikes you as helpful and what strikes you as unappealing. Then you can go back to your website and see if you are doing the same things. Once you’ve done that, go back through your website and look at it through the eyes of someone who has been to your website several times before. Is there anything you can change to make your website even better from this aspect? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make these changes, just a little time and effort.

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